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3/2/98:  Initial publication
6/17/98:  Added initial 1997/98 heating season FTF results
7/16/98: Addition of 1997/98 heating season FTF results completed
7/12/99: Addition of 1998/99 heating season FTF test results
8/16/99:  Addition of Cloquet Residential Research Facility experimental data.
10/8/99: Addition of interior basement wall and rim joist design recommendations.
11/1/99: Modified discussion of the option 2 rim joist recommendation.
11/1/99: Added research topics section.
11/3/99: Added a third option to interior basement wall and rim joist design recommendations.
12/17/99: Deleted preliminary experimental data and preliminary recommendations associated with Cloquet Residential Research Facility basement wall and rim joist insulation project (ie, updates from 8/16/99 to 11/3/99 deleted).  A final report on this project is in preparation and will be published here when completed and reviewed.
5/7/2001: Added research project report entitled "CLOQUET RESIDENTIAL RESEARCH FACILITY:
Rim Joist and Foundation Insulation Project Final Report"
9/21/2001: Updated format
2/5/2001 Added current research opportunities
3/27/2002 a. Improved navigation
b. Added news section
c. Added wet wall interior insulation design.
d. Published Owens Corning basement foundation system report
4/17/02 Added proposal for moisture test system at the FTF.
5/5/05 Added foundation rule projects
1/6/2006 Added polyamide-6 project final report
2/8/2006 a. Changed MN Foundation Rule language link to DoLI web site.
b. Posted new research opportunities.